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Welcome to Abigail Spencer Fan the longest running resource and fan website celebrating actress Abigail Spencer. Known for various television and movie roles over the year, including Rectify, Suits and much more, she can currently be seen in the upcoming NBC show, Timeless.

What were your preliminary reactions to reading the script? I mean, I’m sure just seeing the name Amantha is something that catches your eye.

[laughs] I almost thought it was a mistake — “Wait, is that actually how it’s spelled?” This was an interesting moment in my artistic life. I was looking for something with a very strong vision and a singular voice, and it didn’t really matter if it was film or television — I think “Rectify” could be anything and I would definitely want to be a part of it. It could be a play in the park, and I would be like, “Sign me up!” It was just that good, and there was a buzz in the acting community about it.

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Colleen   Jun 28, 2013

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What scene in Rectify stands out the most for you?
ABIGAIL SPENCER: My audition scene, when they said to just choose a couple of scenes from the first two scripts. That’s very rare. Usually they’re very specific. I strung together the first time you meet Amantha, from the car to when she arrives at prison. We shot that entire movement in one day. And the moment of seeing Daniel released. It was crazy because at the last minute Aden decided to cut off his hair without telling any of us. I had been living with this grizzly man, so to see him like that, we were all thrust into the moment. We all just burst into tears.

Was there a key to Amantha that helped you find the character?
One thing was her nail polish. It was so hot that first day that it kept coming off during shooting. We shot for three months, but it’s only seven days in real-time. We made a choice that by the end of episode 7, the nail polish would be gone. Each day, if you look at Amantha’s nails, it’s a little less of that really bright orange.

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Colleen   Jun 27, 2013

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Colleen   Jun 12, 2013

Abigail is one of The Hollywood Reporter “Biggest Supporting Stars” you can see the shoot HERE and HERE

Colleen   Jun 5, 2013