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Welcome to Abigail Spencer Fan the longest running resource and fan website celebrating actress Abigail Spencer. Known for various television and movie roles over the year, including Rectify, Suits and much more, she can currently be seen in the upcoming NBC show, Timeless.

Colleen   Sep 26, 2016

new event photos up in the Abigail Spencer Fan Gallery from tonight’s Emmy Awards.

Abigail Spencer Fan Gallery > Events > 2016 > 09-18: 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

Colleen   Sep 19, 2016

Once Timeless premieres this fall, the show will be delivering some cliffhangers that may have you wishing you could get in your own time machine and leap to the next week’s episode.

We have no intel on where you can get your hands on a flux capacitor or a TARDIS, but we can tell you how to get to one Timeless episode a little faster. The new series’ second episode, when its heroes travel to 1865, will screen at New York Comic Con.

That episode, titled “The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln” will be in Room 1A06 at the con on Sunday, October 9 at 12:15 p.m., along with a panel moderated by HitFix’s own Alan Sepinwall.

Read more at http://www.hitfix.com/news/timeless-will-get-an-episode-screening-panel-at-new-york-comic-con-exclusive#Q8rqkgux8HXgOXzt.99Once

Colleen   Sep 9, 2016

First Impression: Time Travel is the big thing for 2016-17, and Timeless is a good representation of the subject.

A history professor (Abigail Spencer), a soldier (Matt Lanter) and a scientist (Paterson Joseph) are asked by a government agency to trust them, get into a time machine and try to stop a villain (Goran Visnjic) who is trying to change time for nefarious purposes.


Colleen   Sep 5, 2016

The Seattle Shorts Film Festival runs November 11th – 13th, in Seattle Washington. Please visit our website to learn more www.seattleshort.org

Conrad has returned to his hometown in the middle of winter. Riding with the sheriff, he is on his way to find out whether the ruined corpse found nearby is his long-disappeared mother. When he finally sees the remains, he is suddenly shocked into understanding the missing pieces of his early life. A Walk In Winter is a Rabbit Bandini production made in association with the UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television.

Colleen   Sep 5, 2016