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Bones “The Man in the Mud” Phillipa Fitz



Hodgins and Zack are sifting through the mud when Cam enters with the news of the body having been in there any where from ten days to two weeks. Zack and Cam discuss the numerous broken bones on the victim.

Brennan is on the phone with Sweets setting up the double date as the two partners walk to Booth’s office. Booth is weirded out by the situation, especially after learning the date will take place at a ceramic class. Angela gets a hold of them through the computer. She has the facial rendering of the victim and Booth quickly recognizes him as Tripp Goddard, the motorcycle racer. He won a huge race two weeks ago.

Booth and Brennan arrive at the Slam Bolt Garage. They meet with Philippa Fitz, a female racer and Garth Jodrey, a racing journalist. Tripp raced for Philippa’s family team, Slam Bolt Racing. Garth mentions how the fans loved Tripp, everybody else hated him though. Before he can elaborate, Philippa’s father Lenny enters and shoo’s Garth away. Lenny says Garth is just angry with Tripp for putting him in a wheelchair. The Fitzs last saw Tripp leaving his victory party two weeks ago. They are in full cooperation with the investigation and just want the killer caught.

In the FBI conference room, Booth and Brennan sit with Danny Fitz and his lawyer, Braxton Smalls. Danny admits to beating up Tripp a few years ago, after he found Tripp cheating on Philippa. Danny isn’t frightened by Booth and his tactics, but he’s intrigued by Bones and doesn’t hesitate asking her out. Booth quickly makes her mind up for her: she will not be going out with a murder suspect.

Booth and Brennan are back in Booth’s car. Brennan thinks Danny and Philippa conspired against Tripp when learning of their father’s decision to the younger racer ten percent of the company. But Booth’s not so sure. He wonders who else knew about the mud pit.

Booth has Tim, the guy who discovered Tripp’s body, in his office. Tim gives up Garth as the one who told him about the mud.

In the lab, Brennan, Zack, Hodgins, and Angela look over the murder weapon. By determining where the blood splattering started on the pry bar, the team is able to gather the murderer was choking up to be able to swing the weapon, not having been strong enough to swing the whole length of the bar.

April shows up in Brennan’s office. She wants to know what Brennan thought of her and Sweets together: if they seemed good together. April thinks Sweets is losing interest. Cam enters with the DNA results off the weapon. The killer is a female.

Booth and Brennan are, again, in the interrogation room with Braxton Smalls and his newest client, Philippa Fitz. After a bit of fighting from Braxton, Philippa breaks down and admits to killing her brother after he mistakenly rode the bike she had rigged for Tripp. When Tripp didn’t ride it for a while she took the pry bar over his head and threw him in the mud pit. Braxson knows there isn’t enough evidence to convict his client but Booth’s going to make the arrest anyway. It’s important everyone know what Philippa did.

  1. Bob T. says:

    Saw her close up yesterday during filming. I didn’t know who she was as I have not seen anything she was in. Everone was fascinated with getting a glimpse of Travolta. The scene had Abagail jogging by and Travolta jumping off a bench to say something to her. Very pretty woman, I am now interested to see some of her films since I have seen her up close.

  2. katie says:

    Why can’t you enlarge the pictures so that you can see them?

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