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Welcome to Abigail Spencer Fan the longest running resource and fan website celebrating actress Abigail Spencer. Known for various television and movie roles over the year, including Rectify, Suits and much more, she can currently be seen in the upcoming NBC show, Timeless.

Colleen   Jul 10, 2017

NBC’s drama “Timeless” is shifting production for its second season from Vancouver to California — the 12th TV series to relocate, to receive the state’s production tax credit.

“Timeless” has been conditionally approved to receive a $9.9 million production tax credit from the state. The California Film Commission announced the move Thursday and said the series would employ approximately 250 cast, 220 crew and 3000 extras and spend nearly $40 million in wages to below-the-line workers and payments to in-state vendors.

“Timeless” joins three other TV series (“Lucifer,” “Legion” and “Mistresses”) to relocate from Canada to California under the commission’s Program 2.0.

“We’re pleased to welcome ‘Timeless’ to the growing list of TV series that have relocated from other locales, including Canada, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Louisiana, Florida and Texas,” said California Film Commission Executive Director Amy Lemisch. “Program 2.0 is creating long-term jobs while enabling such projects to take advantage of California’s unmatched production resources.”

Colleen   Jul 2, 2017

Everybody makes mistakes sometimes, even major networks.

NBC canceled Timeless earlier this week, and everyone and their mother unleashed their disappointment on Twitter. (Literally, our moms were so mad.) The show was trending, celebs like Leslie Jones were letting their outrage known, and creator Eric Kripke promised he was “trying to find another home.”

It turns out that he didn’t need to, because NBC has changed its mind! Timeless will return for a second season sometime in 2018, meaning the history lessons can continue and Lucy (Abigail Spencer) and the gang don’t have to end their mission to stop Rittenhouse from doing whatever it is they’ve been doing throughout the entire existence of America.

Colleen   May 14, 2017

This is heartbreaking news for Timeless fans following the Season 1 finale twists and cliffhangers. NBC time-travel drama series will not be returning for a second season. There is no word whether producer Sony TV will shop the series elsewhere, though co-creator Eric Kripke indicated that is in the works. He didn’t sound too optimistic.

Colleen   May 12, 2017

Colleen   May 10, 2017

Spencer has an impressive body of work behind her. She’s had recurring roles on Mad Men, Hawthorne, Burning Love, How I Met Your Mother, True Detective, Suits, Rectify, and now, she’s on Timeless. But Spencer didn’t come to the Bustle LA office to chat about her Rolodex of TV roles, instead, she’s here to chat about The Sweet Life, a touching, funny, and heartfelt indie feature she stars in, opposite Chris Messina.

In the film, out now, Spencer plays a deeply depressed and apathetic suicidal woman who finds an unlikely friend (Messina) on her way to the Golden Gate Bridge to end her life. Luckily, the film is a lot more positive than that simple logline conveys.


Colleen   Apr 19, 2017

Popping up on VOD today is The Sweet Life, a charming indie film that isn’t afraid to take a heavy topic and inject some levity into it. It has been cutely described as a “suicidal rom-com” but there’s a bit more to it than that. Chris Messina and Abigail Spencer star as Kenny and Lolita, two strangers in Chicago who realize they have two things in common: they share the same therapist, and they’re both on board with driving out to San Francisco to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge.


Colleen   Apr 14, 2017

For Timeless star Abigail Spencer, being on set is no excuse for neglecting her fitness goals.

The 35-year-old says her costumes for the show are custom-made to allow her to stay on track.

“I wear my Fitbit and try to hit my steps,” Spencer tells PEOPLE. “They even put pockets in all my costumes for it! I’m committed to hitting my step count.”

The actress, who does Pilates twice a week, also believes in staying hydrated.

“I’m always trying to get in water. It is the life source,” she says. “It’s extremely easy to dehydrate working 14 hours a day and on my feet all the time.”


Colleen   Feb 19, 2017

Tracy Morgan and Abigail Spencer will be interview guests, while Bebe Rexha will be the musical performer on NBC’s February 16 “Late Night With Seth Meyers.”

An actor from “Fist Fight,” the star of “Timeless,” and the singer-songwriter behind Top 20 pop hit “I Got You” will all appear on an upcoming “Late Night With Seth Meyers.”

NBC says Tracy Morgan and Abigail Spencer, the former two, will appear as interview guests on the February 16 episode.


Colleen   Feb 13, 2017

Colleen   Jan 24, 2017