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Abigail, tell everyone what you are doing in New York!” Gifford demanded and the sweet, young teen from Gulf Breeze rattled off her naïve dreams of acting, directing, dancing, and singing to tens of millions of Americans waking up over their coffee (and probably rolling their eyes). One of those people, however happened to be the casting director for All My Children, and, in storybook Hollywood fashion, the lucky teenager became a series regular on the show a few months later.

“Soap operas are like boot camp for actors,” Spencer explains. The brief commotion outside The Ivy has subsided now. She received the full basic training over three years before entering the steady rotating line of television actors. Then she channel surfed through guest spots on Gilmore Girls, How I Met Your Mother, Bones, Private Practice — even one season of her own crime drama on Lifetime called Angela’s Eyes. It wasn’t until her six-episode turn as the angelic school teacher who runs in the dark of morning and has an affair with Don Draper in the third season of Mad Men that everything finally seemed to have focus. Spencer attributes this, in part, to the birth of her son a year earlier and the self-imposed acting sabbatical that came while she nursed him from infancy.

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Colleen   Feb 14, 2012