Abigail attends “Draft Day” – Los Angeles Premiere

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Suits Season Finale Screencaps updated

Abigail Spencer Fan Gallery > Suits > Suits “No Way Out” Screencaps

Suits “Know When to Fold ‘Em” Screencaps

Abigail Spencer Fan Gallery > Suits > Suits “Know When to Fold ‘Em” Screencaps

Suits “Moot Point” Screencaps

Abigail Spencer Fan Gallery > Suits > Suits “Moot Point” Screencaps

Suits “Buried Secrets” Screencaps

Abigail Spencer Fan Gallery > Suits > Suits “Buried Secrets” Screencaps

Rectify returns June 19th

Sundance Channel‘s drama Rectify will return for its season season on Thursday, June 19 at 9 PM. The first season of the network’s first original scripted series followed one week in the life of a man (Aden Young) after his release from prison and a Death Row sentence into a world he no longer understands. Production is underway on Season 2 in Georgia on the series, created and written by Ray McKinnon and executive produced by Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein. Abigail Spencer, J. Smith-Cameron, Luke Kirby, Clayne Crawford and Adelaide Clemens co-star. Sundance Channel renewed the series for 10 episodes a week after the drama premiered. The network’s second scripted series, Red Road, debuted February 27.

New stills for the March 6th episode of Suits

Almost time to see Abigail back on Suits – I’ve added some stills from that first episode.

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New Suits Promo

New trailer from Suits

BuzzFeed has put up an AWESOME new trailer – watch it HERE

New Scoops on Suits

PREVIOUSLY ON… | Louis discovered that Mike doesn’t have a file at Harvard; Rachel made a deal with Jessica, allowing her to stay at the firm; and Harvey told Scottie he wants her in his life.

COMING UP NEXT | What Louis didn’t find will “bore a hole in [his] crazy mind,” previews executive producer Aaron Korsh. “As Louis pursues what is going on with Mike,” his investigation will have “ramifications on many different people.” In the season opener, Rachel and Mike take a step forward in their relationship, while Harvey and Jessica deal with the fact that he didn’t get her OK before offering Scottie a job. As a result, they’ll be forced to “figure out how are they going to run this firm together” when they disagree, Korsh explains, adding that their resolution “will have an impact on what their power structure is moving forward.” For Harvey, there’s no taking back his offer of his heart to Scottie, either. For the first time in his life, the lawyer will be “navigating… what it means to be in a relationship, and he’s going to make some mistakes. And he’s going to have to learn from them,” says Korsh.